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BOAZ AIR IS PROUD TO BE A DAIKIN COMFORT PRO. Daikin is the global number 1 air conditioning company.

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Service and Repair
Don’t pay for service you don’t need.

Service and repair should always be the first consideration when troubleshooting a heating or air conditioning system. Our technicians will take all factors into consideration when troubleshooting your system to ensure that you never pay for parts, labor and service that you really don’t need. If the best thing for your system is a simple repair, that is exactly what we do.


System Installation
Sometimes the best thing is a new system.

The truth is that sometimes systems fail beyond the point that they can be repaired and the best option available actually is a complete replacement. In the event that your system needs to be replaced, our licensed technicians will evaluate your needs and ensure that a replacement will be the exact size and efficiency to properly maintain the comfort level you deserve in your home.


Better Service in Less Time
All of our Heating and AC Technicians are trained to respond quickly and efficiently.


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When cold weather sets here in Texas, the temperature can rise and fall 30 degrees or more in a single 24 hour period. You know that nothing is more important than the peace of mind your heating system will work when you need it and work efficiently to save you money. That is why our licensed technicians have the tools and the expertise to solve any heating problems you may be having without leaving you in the cold.



Air Conditioning

The middle of a Texas summer is not the best time to have to call us. We understand that you need service and you need it quick. Our technicians are able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your air conditioner running again. Regardless of the brand our technicians are more than capable to troubleshoot and repair or replace the necessary parts to get your system back to full operation in as short a time period as possible.

Call us for preventive maintenance.

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The best way to maintain your heating and AC system is by preventing problems in the first place. Inspection of your system and identifying potential problems before they become expensive problems is one of the most important parts of our service. We can set up your system for regular seasonal checkups to ensure you are ready for every season.


Worried about the cost?
We offer easy financing through Synchrony Bank to help our clients right away. To learn more, please CLICK HERE.


We can work on all brands and styles of equipment.We service many varieties of air conditioning units and heating units; be it in commercial, industrial, construction, or residential. We recruit passionate and dedicated technicians who not only enjoys the career they chose but also the continuing growth of their skills in the HVAC field. We’re proud of our people. We take pride in our work. And we’re committed to earning your business and trust.

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